My Story

Dreams come true if you chase them. You need perseverance and the ability to adapt to circumstances. This has always been my personal credo.

Working with image, design, technology and communication was my passion and goal since I was a student.

If I go back to my first job, everything started at McDonald’s, where I made my first steps into teamwork, processes and how to transmit my knowledge as a coach. While I worked there, I studied to become a Senior Image Technician and photographer.
To keep growing as a professional, I decided to improve my technical skills at HP (where I deep-dived into operational processes) and at the newspaper EL PAIS (where I learned to retouch photographs, organize myself with high volumes of work within a team of photographers)

Then, my curiosity led me to explore the internet world.

Thanks to the previous technical experiences and to my Postgraduate Diploma in Internet Multimedia, I gained the expertise to carry out my first job as a graphic designer at the Internet company eDreams, where I kept growing as a professional at the same time as the company grew… and this journey lasted more than 19 years.
At eDreams, my career started as a designer for this new-born but already leading brand of the travel sector. As the company grew and acquired more online travel agencies, I was converted into a manager of a 10-people team that provided materials, services and graphic solutions to 5 brands (eDreams, Opodo, GOVoyages, Liligo and Travellink) with presence in 46 countries.
It was a big challenge that gave me the possibility to grow as Creative Director at eDreams ODIGEO, the largest Online Travel Agency in Europe. What an amazing journey!

Additionally,  I was partner of “No Day But Today” (a show production company) and I coordinated the graphic online and offline communication for two successful musical shows: RENT and FUN HOME.

Talking about myself, I can proudly say that curiosity has always pushed me to learn. My friendly and collaborative nature has allowed me to help grow all the teams in the companies I worked at, and above all, I learnt how to lead teams of designers and videographers. Along with them, I created great communications and brand experiences.

As a creative, I like simple, clear, direct things that provide value and results.

My experience

Looking for a new adventure
2001 - 2020
Creative Director at eDreams ODIGEO
Creative Director at No Day But Today
2000 - 2005
Laboratory Technician at EL PAIS
2000 - 2001
Technician at HP
1997 - 2001
Trainer at McDonald's

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